VFW Service to Veterans

From lobbying Congress and monitoring the Department of Veterans Affairs to assisting veterans filing
claims, the VFW remains a dedicated advocate for America’s veterans, service members and their families.
National Veterans Service (NVS)
NVS is responsible for accrediting and training VFW’s global network of professional service officers.
NVS provides annual training to VFW Service Officers. NVS staff represents veterans at the Board of
Veterans Appeals in Washington, D.C. Each year NVS provides more than $2 million to VFW Departments
in support of their veteran service programs.   Online Link

Department Service Officers (DSOs)

A global network of highly trained and accredited service officers helps veterans navigate the complex VA
claims process. Department of Veterans Affairs statistics show that for 2022, the VFW helped recoup $11.2
billion in earned benefits on behalf of more than 550,000 veterans. The VFW’s
Pre-Discharge claims representatives also filed nearly 13,500 VA claims resulting in more than $64 million
in disability compensation for transitioning service members. The VFW always provides this service FREE

Tactical Assessment Center (TAC)

The VFW’s TAC operates a toll-free hotline for veterans with questions or concerns about VA health care
programs and VA benefits. The number is 1.800.VFW.1899. Veterans can also email

Health Screenings

The VFW hosts a health fair at its national convention. Attendees can receive an array of free services to
include health screenings, eye exams, cholesterol checks, respiratory function testing, blood pressure
screening and blood glucose testing. Many lives have been saved thanks to these free screenings.

Pre-Discharge Program

Introduced in 2001, the VFW’s pre-discharge program (formerly known as Benefits Delivery at Discharge)
provides claims assistance to separating military personnel on more than 20 military installations and
military populated regions throughout the country.

 VFW PACT Act Information

The VFW is committed to providing all veterans timely and accurate information about this landmark
legislative victory. To see if you or a loved one may qualify for benefits, please visit our new website and
referral tool at to be referred to a professionally trained, VA accredited VFW Service
Officer for assistance never at any cost to the claimant.

National Legislative Service

The NLS educates Congress and advocates for policies that improve the lives of veterans, active-duty
military, and their families.

Action Corps

This grassroots lobbying effort has more than 300,000 volunteer advocates who write, call and visit
lawmakers to discuss issues related to veterans. Also, Action Corps members receive the VFW Action
Corps Weekly, an e-newsletter relating to current legislation and events.

Your Voice on Capitol Hill

VFW members live in every congressional district. The VFW’s membership size and effective advocacy
ensures that members of Congress do not ignore the needs and preferences of those who have worn our
nation’s uniform. The VFW testifies up to 30 times every year before Congress, including before an annual
Joint Senate and House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs Hearing to consider the VFW’s Priority Goals.

National Security and Foreign Affairs

The welfare of active duty, Guard and Reserve personnel and their families is of a prime concern to the


The VFW national officers visit Asian and European countries to meet with host-country officials to stress
the importance of conducting MIA investigation and recovery operations, as well as gaining access to
documents and archival research facilities.

Employment Services

The VFW is a strong supporter of veterans’ preference in government positions. The Washington Office
actively works to advance veteran-specific employment legislation and works with the U.S. Department of
Labor to ensure veterans have resources in their communities to find quality post-military careers.