Our History
The 1930s in Belleville was an interesting era.  Scott Air Base was still a teenager and the Old Courthouse was still standing.  World War I had been over for  a decade now and The Great Depression was in full swing. Jobs were still hard to come by but brotherhood was not. Families members supported one another and comradery among war veterans was felt even more.
In the earliest part of the 1930s, these brothers, who served honorably in foreign wars, banded together and decided to take it upon themselves to charter a  V.F. W. Post in Belleville.    These "Comrades having served honorably in the Army, Navy, or Marine Corps of the United States of America in foreign wars of the United States of America, are hereby authorized to organize and are constituted a Post in the City of Belleville."    Post No. 1739 was sealed on 14 January 1934.
 The Charter Members
The following Charter Comrades are listed as they appear on the official Charter.

 Otto Schneider
 George Renner
 Harry H. Morton
 James A. Williams
Fred A. Stauder
 Adolph A. Strittmatter
 Peter C. Bergert
 Frank Hoffman
 George Krupp
 Edward P. Cortner
 Willis A. Eise
 Joseph H. Wellinghoff
 August Franke
 Philip Loeffler
 Benjamin Feldt
 Charles Chinn
 Edmund Schanz
 Roland F. Veile
Frank Yerk  John A. Zacharski
 Alonzo Stauder
 Arthur Novotny
 Charles Wolf
 Edwin H. Press
 John C. Pollock  Herman Schwellensattl
 John McKiernan
 Walker Fischer
 Wilbert Vollmer
 Ernst G. Fey
 Henry John Cluver  Frank Huwacheck
 Walker L. Rhein
 Louis Truttmann
 Albert Grohs
 August W. Jorn
 French E. McElroy  Robert E. Fitzgerald
 Albert J. Williams
 Adolph P. Michaeli
 Geroge H. Reisbich
 Martin Birnstiehl
 Charles Okes  Emmett Perrin
 Adolph C. Tetzlaff
 Eugene P. Louis
 Frank J. Wagner
 Arthur F. Mueller
 William Beimbrink  Charles E. Veto
 Frederick J. Ruff
 Adolph A. Busekrus
 Clarence A. Bach
 Laurence D. Fournie
Arthur M. Herman  Albert A. Hartleb
 Henry J. Seibel
 Clements Brielmeier
 William Bonhard
 Frank Haeffner
 Rudy A. Kaiser  Jospeh Kronenberger
 Samuel A. Merker
 Henry Kronenberger
 Frank A. Moore
 Walter O. Seitz
 Philip Wagner  Anthony Dombeck
 Arthur Geber
 Henry W. Ude
 Benjamin Eschenfelder
 Benjamin Emge
 Ray W. Behymer  Brady B. Brewer
 Joseph Hassenstab
 Adolph H. Rittmeyer
 Paul W. Becherer
 John Gebhard
Walker Koblitz  Albert C. Vetter
 Herman Stuempler
 Fred C. Mueller
 Charles Hausmann
 Henry E. Roedersheimer
 Joseph Franke  Walker Huschle
 Tony Zanco
 Albert F. Hipkins
 Arthur Krupp
 Frank Tyas
 Dorris Walker  Frank W. Paule
 Charles Burchhardt
 Alois F. Schnell
 Lester J. Wippo
 Williams H. Schwartz
Adolph A. Fischer  John Jay Isch
 Edward Bossler
 Otto F. Blinn
 Charles Ehinger
 HenryJ. Paule
 Stanley E. Sprague  Julius Weber
 Henry A. Heidenfelder
 Clarence Hassall
 John F. Green
 Rudolph O. Schlenck
 Louis Wentz  Gus A. Krummrich
 Frank A. Kasper
 William F. Lobsinger
 Charles A. Roth
 William Weygandt
 Virgil J. Brueggeman  Joseph Grosspitch
 Thomas Gannon, Jr.
 George H. Florreich
 Earl Roedersheimer

 The Full Charter